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The Book: The United Regions of Europe- Adopting the Swiss Model

Europe remains deeply divided and on the search for stability and lasting peace. Despite all attempts, the EU and the nation states have so far failed to resolve national conflicts and to create democratic structures as well as competitive economic conditions. Instead Europe is stuck in a crisis marked by structural weakness, unemployment, financial debt and it´s greatest breaking test since the Second World War.


The roots of this crisis are controversial and heavily debated. While some hold the institution of the EU or the Euro responsible for all evil, others prefer to scapegoat a low job morale, dependence on the government or a seemingly unsuperable gap between the North and South or the East and West.


But what are the true reasons for the predicament Europe is caught in? Answering this question demands a profound, critical and unbiased examination of Europe's current political institutions and their historic roots.


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