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Peter Jósika



Peter Jósika, born 1971 in Vienna, is an author, historian and political scientist who strongly supports the vision of a decentralized Europe of Regions based on the Swiss political model. His book "Europa der Regionen- Was die Schweiz kann, kann auch Europa" was released in 2014 by the IL-Verlag of Basel. The English version titled "The United Regions of Europe- Adopting the Swiss Model" came out in 2022.


He wrote various articles and comments on topics related to Europe, nationalism, centralism, minority languages and human rights matters that were published by Die Presse, Der Standard, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Prager Zeitung, The Prague Post, Eurolang and others. In his capacity as CEO and Senior Manager in the telecoms and Directories business he led the launch of one of Switzerland's leading Directory Assistance services for which he and his team received the Swiss Marketing Award.



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